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Sacrifices Must Be Made is a very creepy narrative driven card game where you take on the role of a starving man who comes across a stranger in the woods who says he will feed him if he wins at cards.

The card game you play in Sacrifices Must Be Made is all about sacrifices. You’ll draw a selection of weaker cards that have limited or no attack value (such as rabbits and stoats) and you must sacrifice them to be able to play your stronger cards (such as bears and wolves). Your aim in each round is to overpower your opponent with your attacks to tip the scales in your favour (literally). The rules are fairly easy to pick up and it allows for a nice amount of strategy. However, sometimes even more drastic sacrifices may have to be made to win…

The core card game mechanics/rules in Sacrifices Must Be Made are well thought out and it’s fun working out the best order to play your cards. It’s the atmosphere and macabre tone of the game that really impresses though. You never see the stranger across from you at the table, but you know his intentions aren’t good and you’ll have to sacrifice more than a few cards to get that food you were promised. Highly recommended.

Controls: W/S – Look at Cards/Table, Mouse – Select Cards

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sacrifices Must Be Made Here

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