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Sad But Ded is a fun puzzle platformer where the controls are a limited resource, so you can only use each one once per level.

In Sad But Ded your goal in (almost) everly level is to guide your character from the start to the end goal. However, you only have a limited amount of actions you can do this with. Your available actions are displayed at the bottom of the screen and you simply click on them to perform them – so press right and your character will run right, press up and he will jump, etc.

You can only use each control once per level so you need to plan your route and be pretty precise with your timing when you use them. However, that’s only half of the challenge – the game also introduces modifiers as you got through the levels that can make things a whole lot more difficult. This can range from making your character massive, to reversing your controls or making them invisible.

It’s a very tough game that may cause many a rage-quit, but it’s also very inventive and addictive. It’s packed full of clever ideas and each new level offers a very different challenge from the last one. The pixel art animation is fantastic and it’s also one of the few precision platformers that is more suited to touch-screens than mouse controls as it can be a little hard to reach the icons in time with a mouse.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Shoot

Available On: Windows, Android

Download Sad But Ded Here

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