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safety instructions

Safety instructions is a fabulously funny little typing game in which you must type out your actions in order to escape an airplane crash in one piece.

Your plane is experiencing some severe technical difficulties, but if you follow the safety instructions given to you then you may still survive. To follow out each instruction you simply have to type out the phrase that is given to you, such as ‘fasten your seatbelt’, ‘breathe using the mask provided’ or ‘avoid the shark’. Complete the phrase in the time allowed and you’ll move on to the next instruction, fail and you’ll be treated to a funny little pixel art animation that will usually end up with you dying painfully.

It’s a short and silly little typing adventure with some excellent pixel art animation and some great little surprises. If you play Safety instructions through again after completing it the first time, you’ll be treated to some new scenes, and to get the true ending you’ll need to complete Nightmare mode which requires some serious typing skills!

Controls: Type out the phrases!

Available On:  All Browsers

Note:  You may want to start out on the easy difficulty if you’re not a super fast touch-typer (choose ‘B’ for Bad at the Good/Bad option).

Play Safety Instructions Here

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