Sagittarius – Downloadable Game

sagitarrius game

Sagittarius is a great new interplanetary turn based multiplayer archery game in which players take it in turns to shoot arrows at each other while trying to take into account the strong gravitational pull of surrounding planets.

Playing like a stripped version of Worms, but with planetary gravitational physics, players fire arrows at each other with the hope of being the last player standing.  This is harder than it sounds though as gravitational pulls can make seemingly simple shots devilishly tough (and so much fun).

Sagittarius looks fairly simple, but there’s plenty of room for tactics thanks to each player being granted their own planet to position themselves on and hide behind.  Its fast paced projectile based gameplay is a blast, especially when a player pulls of a particularly lucky shot.  Wonderfully addictive interplanetary projectile flinging fun.

Controls:  AD/Arrpw Keys – Movement,  Mouse – Aim, LMB – Release To Fire

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sagittarius Here

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