Sailing By The Lighthouse – Browser Game

Sailing By The Lighthouse is a short, strange and stylish little game where you attempt to tattoo a salty sea captain as he sails a ship during rough weather.

Created for the 1-bit game jam, Sailing By The Lighthouse sees you attempting to tattoo a drunken sea captain in the tempestuous high seas. You have two tattoos to complete, one on his arm and one on his back. However the conditions aren’t optimal – the waves make your grip shaky and you can only see by the light of a nearby lighthouse!

Sailing By The Lighthouse is a very short experience and there’s no rating of your tattoo work, but the art style is fantastic and it’s a great concept. It would be perfect for expanding into something larger – perhaps with you being an extreme tattooist who tattoos customers in challenging situations. See how you fare on the high seas!

Controls: Mouse- Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Sailing By The Lighthouse

2 thoughts on “Sailing By The Lighthouse – Browser Game”

  1. Arrr, me hearties, the time’s come to part ways. Fair winds! 🏴‍☠️🌬️
    Ye be most kind for them words ye’ve spoken. Many thanks, me heartie!

    ~Sailor By The Lighthouse team

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