Sally Neptune vs The Monocronies – Browser Game

Sally Neptune vs The Monocronies is a remarkable little third person action platforming adventure built in the Pico-8 engine.

Created for the Toy Box Jam 3, Sally Neptune vs The Monocronies is a game that pushes the humble 8-bit styled Pico-8 game engine to its limits as you set out on a short alien-blasting action platforming adventure. In the game you take control of the titular Sally Neprune as she tries to escape from an alien base. Along the way you’ll blast aliens, search for keys to unlock doors and collect gun upgrades.

It’s a great little game and it’s not only the graphical capabilities of the Pico-8 engine that should make a game like Sally Neptune vs The Monocronies impossible, but the limited control scheme too. Amazingly the game manages to allow you to strafe, jump, shoot and lock-on to enemies using just two action buttons. It’s a great example of what inventive developers can do within the limitations of Pico-8.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/C – Jump, X – Shoot (and Lock-On)

Available On: Browser

Play Sally Neptune vs The Monocronies Here

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