Samorost 1 -Downloadable Game

Fancy a bite sized space gnome point and click adventure? The original Samorost game has been remastered and released for free!

The original Samorost 1 was released as a browser-based game way back in 2003 and the surreal space adventure of its odd little space gnome was a huge hit. Amantia Design has now released fully remastered versions of all the Samorost games on Steam and the first game is avaialbe for free!

Samorost 1 follows the story of a little space gnome whose home is about to be hit by an asteriod. You now need to explore the asteriod, solve puzzles and find a way of diverting it and savign your home.

The remastered version contains all the same puzzles as the original but the sounds have been remastered, the graphics have been enhanced and it features all new music by Floex. The original was already a fantastic little game and the additions just make it better. Definietly worth checkngn out if you’re new to the series or a long term fan. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download Samorost 1 Here

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