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Samsara Room is a cleverly crafted and slightly creepy little point and click room escape adventure where the only way to escape is to become enlightened.

Created by Rusty Lake (creators of Cube Escape and the Rusty Lake series), Samsara Room is a surreal and atmospheric puzzle adventure that takes some wonderfully weird twists as you try to escape from a mysterious room. What makes the room particularly interesting is that there are multiple versions of it and each one has significant differences and a what’s more, you are very different in each one of them!

It’s a fantastic little puzzle adventure with excellent hand drawn visuals and an intriguing premise. As you’d expect from Rusty Lake, the puzzles are all very inventive and challenging, requiring a mixture of experimentation, problem solving and lateral thinking to crack them. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Download Samsara Room Here

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