Sandspiel – Browser Game

Sandspiel is a browser based physics sandbox that allows you to create and destroy your own little ecosystems from a variety of basic elements.

In Sandspiel you are given a blank canvas and a selection of different substances you can add to it – Sand, Water, Stone, Walls, Ice, Gas, Mites, Wood, Plants, Fungus, Seeds, Fire, Lava, Acid, Dust, Oil, Fireworks and Wind. Each of these substances has the same physical properties and interactions they have in real live – so fire melts ice, plants grow with water, fire burns organic matter, and so on. You also have access to a nifty Cloner tool that will constantly clone any matter that it is incontact with.

It’s more of a physics based playtoy than a game, but it’s great fun playing around and creating your own little ecosystems The particle effects are excellent and it’s particularly fun watching things burn. A great little sandbox that really does let you play God with your creations!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Sandspiel Here

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  1. There is an old browser game called “Powder Game”, that’s pretty much the same as this Sandspiel sandbox but it has a lot more materials and interesting airflow simulation.

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