Santa’s Mailroom – Download Game

Santa’s Mailroom is a fun little festive puzzle game where you attempt to sort five presents that are due for delivery to five different kids.

There’s been a mix-up at the North Pole’s shipping department and you are left with five differently colored presents that have to go to five specific children and they must all be placed in the correct order on the sorting office’s conveyor belt. You have no idea who each present is for and where they should go on the belt, but there are a handful of Christmas cards scattered around the office that contain clues (such as “the red present should be to the left of the green one” or “the present for Shawn is not green”). You need to use these clues to figure out what to do with each present and hopefully save Christmas.

It’s a great little festive puzzle game with a cozy christmassy atmosphere and brain teasing puzzles. There are three different difficulties of puzzle to check out too if you fancy a real challenge of your deductive skills!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, RMB – Zoom

Available On: Windows, Mac & Browser

Download or Play Santa’s Mailroom Here

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