Santa’s Silent Night – Browser Game

Santa’s Silent Night is a charming and challenging festive action game where you fly through the air, dodging hazards while dropping presents down chimneys.

Created for the PICO-8 virtual console, Santa’s Silent Night is an addictive and delightfully festive arcade game which follows Santa as he tries to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. In each level you have a limited amount of present and you have to try and deliver as many as possible by dropping them through chimneys. However, the sky is filled with hazards, such as snowballs, birds, satellites and fireworks. You’ll need to dodge them and get those presents delivered or there’ll be lots of unhappy kids come Christmas Day!

It’s a simple, but surprisingly challenging game that’s packed full of festive joy. The pixel art animation is delightful and the soundtrack that’s packed with chip-tune renditions of classic Christmas songs is superb. A great little game that’ll get you in the festive spirit.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Drop Present, Z – Ho Ho Ho (Clears Birds)

Available On: Windows

Play Santa’s Silent Night Here

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