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Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is a masterpiece of modern game design that uses a smart phone interface to tell a tale of occultist horror as you try and track down the owner of a phone you just found.

You have found a lost phone. As you turn it on in an attempt to find out more about the owner, you’re greeted by a Siri-esque AI who is concerned that Sara (the owner) is missing. A lot of the data on the phone is corrupted, but with the help of the AI and some digging into the files, photos, videos and messages on it you may manage to uncover more about Sara and unearth some dark secrets in the process.

Sara Is Missing is available on Windows and Mac, but to get the full experience its highly recommended playing it on iOS or Android. The fact that you’re holding a smart phone in your hand makes everything feel a lot more real and a little voyeuristic as you snoop through the files on someone else’s phone. Just try not to throw away your phone in terror!

Controls: Mouse & Touch

Available On: Steam, Mac, iOS & Android

Special thanks to Andrea Turel Caccese For The Heads Up about this Game!

Download Sara Is Missing Here: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

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