Satan’s Pepper – Browser Game

Satan’s Pepper is a fun little horror visual novel where you have a very strange encounter on your way home from the shops one day.

Created for the kajam 2022, in Satan’s Pepper you have just popped to the shops for a few supplies (including one weird unidentifiable object). After purchasing the goods you start your walk home, but are waylaid and find yourself in the house of a weird being who has been working on something very special. Something a little too hot to handle…

As it’s a visual novel, the actual gameplay is fairly limited, Satan’s Pepper more than makes up for it with its surreal story and excellent art style. It has only one ending, but there are a few fun little converging branches, so it’s worth playing through a couple of times to check them out. A spicy little horror adventure that will make you smile.

Controls: Mouse – Point and Click

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Satan’s Pepper Here

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