Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash – Browser Game

Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash is a wonderfully nostalgic puzzle action game that sees you fixing the static, tracking, RGB split, color, inverted image and horizontal shift of the 80’s/90’s Saturday morning cartoons you’re trying to watch!

In Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash you’re trying to watch your favorite Saturday morning TV shows – including such delights as Thundercats, MASK, Hey Arnold, Thunderbirds, Captain Planet, Trap Door, Transformers, Voltron, Turtles and Spiderman. Clips of these classic Saturday morning TV shows play out on your TV, complete with their awesome theme tunes, but the image is all distorted – you need to figure out what’s wrong with the TV and fix the picture.

There are a variety of different problems your old CRT TV can have, each one requiring a different method to fix them. Grabbing the aerial fixes static, hitting the top of the TV fixes the tracking, fiddling with the buttons fixes the RGB split, turning a dial fixes the color, tilting the TV stops the image being displayed upside down and hitting the right side of the TV fixes the shift. Things start of fairly easily with only one problem at a time, but as you progress you’ll have to deal with a few at once and deal with an ever decreasing timer.

It’s a fun little game that not only reminds players of those classic Saturday morning TV shows and theme tunes, but also the act of thumping and fiddling with your TV to try and get them to play properly. CRT TV problems are a thing of the past now, but there was a certain joy to those fuzzy SD visuals and the tinkering you had to do to view them correctly!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash Here (Takes a While to Load)

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