Save The Earth – Browser Game


Save the Earth is a superb incremental clicker featuring charming pixel art animation, a wide selection of units and upgrades, boss enemies and a persistent game feature which allows you to gain tons of cash even while you’re not playing.

Gameplay in Save the Earth is fairly simple, just hover over the aliens to destroy them and earn XP and cash, which in turn allows you to purchase new units and upgrades, each of which gains you a set amount of XP and cash per second.  As well as the normal enemies, there are also special enemies which require you to click on them, such as dropships, a Mothership and a rather odd being called a ‘Filcher’, clicking on these can result in big pay-outs of cash and XP.

As well as the highly addictive gameplay, Save the Earth also sports some rather handy features that make your task a little easier.  You can save your game, so no need to worry about losing any progress, you can even export your save file to another browser and continue your game from there.  Also, thanks to the way the game saves, each time you return to Save the Earth you’ll have accrued a shed load of cash and XP as they accumulate even when you’re not playing.

With it’s highly addictive gameplay and well implemented game design, Save the Earth is a wondrous little time sink that you can easily pour hours into.  If you’re only going to try one incremental clicker, try this one.

Controls: Mouse (Just Click!)

Available on: Unity Supported Browsers

Play Save The Earth Here

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