Schrodi’s Cat – Browser Game

schrodis cat

Shrodi’s Cat is an odd Schrödinger-inspired game that see’s you attempting to leave a rather unfortunate cat in a box for as long as possible without killing it.

The gameplay is very simple, but oddly entertaining, at the start of every one of the Schrödinger’s Cat experiments a cat gets locked in a box and you get told how many seconds it will die in.  You must then attempt to count down that time in your head and release the cat as late as possible without letting it die.

The closer you get to the limit, the more points you’ll acquire. If you go slightly over the limit there will be some question as to whether it’s alive or not, but any more than a second and the poor little cat will definitely of croaked it.  See how close you can leave it in Schrödinger’s rather inhumane experiments!

Controls:  Spacebar – Release The Cat!

Available On:  All Browsers

Note: No cats were harmed during the production of this game. Just lots & lots of virtual ones!

Play Schrodi’s Cat Here

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