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Science Kombat

Science Kombat is a thoroughly ridiculous fighting game, that features everybody’s favourite scientists, from Marie Curie to Steven Hawking, duking it out in 1 on 1 combat, in a tournament where the winner gets to take on every scientists biggest nemesis – GOD.

The 2D fighting gameplay will be familiar to anyone who’s played Street Fighter 2, and while Science Kombat doesn’t match Capcom’s classic for competitive gameplay, it compensates for this with excellent pixel art, a great sense of humor and a nice selection of scientist characters with cool special moves.

You have 8 characters to choose from – Marie Curie, Einstein, Darwin, Steven Hawking, Pythagorus, Tesla, Alan Turing and Isaac Newton. With each one able to use fun special moves based on their scientific speciality, often to comic effect – so Tesla can blast people with bolts of electricity, Marie Curie shoots radiation from her hands and Isaac Newton….. drops apples on peoples heads (sure it may not be the most spectacuar of moves, but it’s what he’s known for!)

You can play a quick match against any other scientist or take part in the tournament which sees you taking on all the other scientists, then battling GOD in a final showdown (it’s not just any god either, it’s all of them!). Science and religion have never really seen eye to eye, and now it looks like the gloves are off!

We’d love to see the fighting mechanics refined a bit more, but on the whole Science Kombat is a glorious little fighter with excellent pixel art and a fabulous premise. Any game where you can watch Steven Hawking slap Albert Einstein in the face with the screen from his wheelchair is ok with us!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  W – Light Attack,  E – Heavy Attack

Available On:  Unity Supported Browsers

Tip:  You can change the language to English by clicking the ‘EN’ button in the bottom left hand corner of the title screen.

Play Science Kombat Here

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