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Scrolling survivor

Scrolling Survivor is a superb precision platformer that plays a lot like the auto-scrolling levels in the Super Mario Bros games, with you dodging enemies and avoiding hazards as you attempt to keep up with the screen.

Scrolling Survivor distils platform gaming into what made the original Super Mario Bros games great – charming pixel art visuals, great level design, tight controls, catchy music and genuinely challenging gameplay. Each of the seven stages (and 17 harder sub-stages) are filled with danger, but your cute little egg-with-legs character is very responsive, so it always feels fair, and if you die it’s always due to your mistakes. There are lots of nice little surprises to shake up the action too (especially in the sub-stages), such as tower-climbing or surfing, meaning the gameplay never gets stale during it’s (roughly) three hour playtime.

The black and white visuals of Scrolling Survivor may initially look simplistic, but look closer and you’ll notice some excellent pixel art animation that really helps bring the world alive. It really is a joy to run and jump your way through the monochrome auto-scrolling words of Scrolling Survivor. Some of the finest old school precision platforming you’ll find without plugging in a NES and blowing the dust off a Super Mario Bros cartridge.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, S – Jump, D – Speed Up Screen, Spacebar – Teleport Cloud

Available On: Windows

Download Scrolling Survivor Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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