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secant remix game

Secant Remix is a psychedelic explorative adventure in which you fly around strange landscapes, soaking in the beautiful visuals and experimenting with your surroundings to unearth its hidden puzzle.

You start Secant Remix floating in a beautiful dream-like landscape with no instructions or guidance of what to do. You can just play it like a walking (or flying) simulator if you like, swooping through the vibrant landscapes and taking in their beauty, but there are also some square switches and portals placed around the game world that will allow you to unlock more of the puzzle and see more of the games stylish abstract landscapes.

Created as a remix of Corey Bertelsen’s Secant, there’s a lot to enjoy about Secant Remix. The controls can be a little fiddly at times (especially on keyboard), but it’s a joy getting lost in the games ethereal landscapes. A relaxing, meditative experience well worth taking for a spin.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Boost

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Secant Remix here

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