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Seconds to Scan is a fun little puzzler where you have just 60 seconds to solve a series of puzzles and defeat a disagreeable script that’s crashing your servers.

In Seconds to Scan you take on the role of a coder who has to tackle a malicious script that crashes your servers every 60 seconds. To defeat the script and fix the server you simply have to solve 10 puzzles, but you only have 60 seconds to do so – you’d better move fast!

Taking just a few minutes to play through (or 60 seconds if you manage on your first try), Seconds to Scan is a fun little game with a nice mixture of puzzles to figure out. The fact that you get the same puzzles each time means that it’s not too hard to beat, but there are some fun little trick questions designed to waste your time. A fun little bite-sized puzzler well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Seconds to Scan Here

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