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Secret Societies is an addictive little incremental clicker game where you take on the role of an internet conspiricist intent on blowing up the world with a nuclear weapon.

Taking around an hour to play though, Secret Societies takes your character’s plans for world domination (and decimation) through three distinct phases. Initially you’re sat at you computer, releasing YouTube videos and launching blogs to earn you cash and subscribers. Once you build up enough of a following you can then venture out into the world and start your own cult, recruiting members and gaining influence. The final stage of your nefarious plans then sees you buying businesses, influencing government and buying Uranium to create your bomb.

The UI can sometimes get a bit messy and it can get a little confusing in the later stages, but it’s a fun little clicker that’s constantly throwing up new things to keep you occupied. It’s nice to have a clicker that you can complete in an hour too, instead of the majority of them which you can never truly complete. Who’d of thought you could decimate the world in just an hour?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Secret Societies Here

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