Secrets of Soil – Downloadable Game

Secrets of Soil is a mesmerizing interactive experience that takes you on a journey through a microscopic world that has a massive effect on our lives.

In Secrets of Soil you enter a microscopic world that most of us have never thought about. It turns out soil isn’t just dirt, but a complex ecosystem filled with bacteria, plants, fungi and nematodes. In the game you navigate your way through a series of soil-based landscapes where you learn more about each organism’s role in the ecosystem and why it’s important that mankind doesn’t destroy it.

It does get a little heavy-handed with its messaging towards the end, but even still Secrets of Soil is a fascinating experience that will give you a much greater appreciation for something most of us take for granted. The visual design is absolutely incredible and the sense of scale is mind-blowing, making you feel like a tiny little speck in its massive multicolored world.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard of Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Secrets of Soil Here

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