Seedship – Browser Game

Seedship is a fantastic browser based roguelike space exploration game in which you decide the actions of a seedship that contains the final living remnants of humanity and attempt to find them a suitable planet to colonise.

In Seedship you take on the role of the AI aboard a spaceship that contains the final living 1000 humans in existence. The humans are all in cryosleep so you are the one that has to decide important actions for the ship to take, planets to scan and which planet to finally set down on and build your colony.

Finding the perfect planet for humanity to flourish is hard. Ideally you need somewhere with a breathable atmosphere, moderate gravity, moderate temperatures, water sources and rich resources. As long as your scanners haven’t been damaged too much your ship can scan for these factors from orbit, but to find out more intricate details such as poisonous plant life and hostile animals you need to send out a probe (which you only have ten of).

As you progress you can upgrade your long range scanners to take your ship to more suitable planets, but the longer you’re out in space the more chance you have of damaging your systems and killing off colonists. Every action you have has a risk involved in it – you may never find a truly perfect planet and if you do your ship may be too badly damaged to make the most of it. How long should you hold out in search of paradise?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Seedship Here

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