Seinfeld: The Telltale Series – Download Game

Seinfeld: The Telltale Series is a hilariously (deliberately) crappy Telltale Games styled adventure where you can take Jerry Seinfeld way off script as he acts out a scene in the classic Sitcom.

Created by Bg Trash Games (creator of the excellent Spider-Man: Ultimate Avenger game), in Seinfeld: The Telltale Series you get to choose Jerry’s responses as he acts out a scene in everybody’s favorite sitcom about nothing. You can choose to give the lines that match up with what Jerry would say or you can go way off script and start offending people. There are two very different endings depending on your choices.

Everything about Seinfeld: The Telltale Series is absolutely hilarious, from the crude character models (Julia Louis-Dreyfus especially), to the Bee Movie gags and the incredibly dark True Ending. The perfect embodiment of how a bad video game can be fun. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Seinfeld: The Telltale Series Here

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