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self control game download

Self Control is a fun little game in which you attempt to take photos at an office party, calling your distracted co-workers and timing your shots to best please your boss.

In Self Control you play a junior employee who’s been asked by his boss to take photos of the corporate party. A good shot is essentially one where everyone is looking at the camera (a red box surrounds their head when they’re in a suitable pose), but as the night goes on everyone gets more drunk and can barely stand up, let alone pose for the camera!

Each of your coworkers are assigned to a different button on the control pad, and you must do your best to call them and time your shot so that as many of them are posing properly for the camera as possible. As the night goes on, everyone gets more drunk and the photography gets harder – not least because you have trouble holding the camera steady. After you’ve taken all your pics your boss will rate your pictures – you’ll need some real selfie skill to do well enough to keep your job!

Controls: WASD or ZQSD – Call Coworkers, Arrow Keys – Move Camera, Spacebar – Take Photo (Control Pad Recommended But Not Required)

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Self Control Here

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