Self – Downloadable Game


Self is an intense psychological horror game about a self-loathing (and self-harming) man who has been imprisoned and lost his mind.

Self is set in dingy underground prison building and played out entirely with a point & click interface – a little like Myst but with more blood and mental psychosis.  You’ve been in this prison for a long time and slowly lost your mind – but you have meds to keep you sane, and you can always cut yourself if you feel too anxious.

There’s lots of symbolism and surreal imagery throughout the game, particularly in the dream sequence.  You question what’s real and what’s in your mind.  Is any of it real?  Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a very freaky psychological experience you won’t forget (even if you want to!)

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click, I – Inventory

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Self Here

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