Self Pong – Browser Game

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Self Pong is a wonderful twist on a very old formula, in which you use the mouse to play pong against (and with) yourself.

The gameplay in Self Pong is simple – simply slide the mouse left or right to make the Pong bats move up and down.  Round wins are counted at the top of the screen, but as you’re playing against yourself this number is pretty arbitrary.  More important are the counters at the bottom of the screen which count the amount of hits the ball has taken that round (left counter) and the highest score you’ve managed so far as divide by a factor of 10 (right counter).

You’d think that playing pong against yourself would be pretty easy, but it’s remarkably tricky.  A simple twist to an age old game makes for a fun and surprisingly addictive game.  There’s life in the old Pong paddle yet.

Controls:  Mouse – Move Pong Bats,  LMB – Release Ball

Available On:  All Browsers

Created By:  Gerard Ferrandez

Play Self Pong Here

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