Semantris – Browser Game

Semantris is an addictive word based puzzler that’s powered by Google’s machine learning AI, in which you attempt to guess the words most associated with the ones you’re trying to eliminate.

Semantris is playable in two different modes – Arcade and Blocks. The Arcade mode presents you with a list of words, in which one or two of them are highlighted. You have to try and think of a word that’s more associated with the highlighted words than the others on the list (so if it’s looking for a word associated with ‘Pirate’ you might type ‘Ship’). You have to be fast though as more and more words are being added to the list, and if it reaches the top of the screen then it’s game over.

The Blocks mode is a slower paced game that allows you to take your time and plan your actions. It plays a little like a word based version of Lumines, with you typing out words that are associated with the blocks that you want to eliminate. If the block you eliminate is touching a similarly colored block then that block will disappear and there are also special blocks that can aid your progress too. It’s a fun mode, but can occasionally frustrate due to some strange associations the AI makes – often causing a different block to be eliminated than the one you wanted.

It’s worth noting that Semantris is run by Google, so there is a chance that your in-game answers may end up being used to optimise its products in the future. It’s an addictive game though, the arcade mode especially. Well worth checking out for some fast paced word association fun.

Controls: Keyboard – Type

Available On: All Browsers

Play Semantris Here

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