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Sequel Studios is a short, silly and satirical narrative based minigame adventure that sees you taking on the role of a new employee who works for a mythical beast that feeds on frustration.

In Sequel Studios (from the creator of Y2Kthulhu) you take on the role of a working mother who has just landed a job at Sequel Studios – a strange video game company that’s been built to allow the mythical beast to feed off the frustration of its employees. Oddly, for an organisation that feeds on frustration, all of your tasks are very simple and impossible to fail, causing you to be promoted every single day. It seems like a dream job, but will it end in tears?

Taking around 10 minutes to playthrough, Sequel Studios is a fun little game with great pixel art animation and a quirky sense of humor. It may have made more narrative sense if the minigames/tasks that you’re asked to perform were incredibly tough instead of incredibly easy, but it’s a fun little adventure nonetheless and has a great ending that pokes fun at one of the biggest sources of frustration in the modern age. A clever little corporate ladder climbing adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sequel Studios Here

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  1. This is actually a sequel to PZZL, the tasks being easy is related to the original game’s theme. Joy’s patience changes the impossible games into easier ones. Her great…etc grandfather lacked that patience in PZZL.

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