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Session Seven is a clever little point and click adventure that sees you attempting to escape from your own cellar whilst also recounting the events to your psychiatrist as you attempt to remember the events that got you locked in there in the first place.

You start Session Seven alone in a locked cellar with a bleeding hand and no visible means of escape. You now need to search the cellar for useful items and use then to help you escape and figure out how what happened to you. It uses a traditional SCUMM-esque point and click interface and is easy to pick up and play.

As you play you will intermittently flash forward to a time when you’re sitting with a psychiatrist and discussing the events that led up you being locked in the cellar in the first place. The psychiatrist’s questions will not only help you work through your issues, but your answers to them will also alter the narrative dramatically.

Taking around an hour to play through, it’s a great little point and click adventure with stylish retro visuals, fun puzzle design and an intriguing branching narrative that warrants multiple playthroughs. A game where figuring out how you got into the cellar is just as important as finding a way out!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Session Seven Here

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