Setris / Sandtris – Downloadable Game

Setris is a fun little Tetris fan game where you play the classic game of Tetris with pieces made out of sand.

In Setris you manoeuvre the pieces from the top of the screen and place them as you would in a traditional game of Tetris, but when you place them they become mounds of physics-based sand. Obviously it would be far too easy to get a traditional line this way, so in Setris you need to try and get a line of all the same color.

As you can imagine, things get messy and it’s much harder to plan your builds than a traditional Tetris game, but it’s an oddly satisfying experience nonetheless. It could do with some color-blind options and the ability to change the amount of different colors you play with, but it’s a very novel twist on the classic game of Tetris, well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys

Available On: Windows & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The original Setris game has been removed due to legal action from the owners of Tetris. The developer has created a different version called Sandtris, which you can download here

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