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Sex Drive is a hilarious little game in which you send and receive vegetable based sexts (sex texts) whilst driving your car and attempting to avoid various vegetable pedestrians.

You drive along in a car that is slowly increasing it’s speed the further you go, swerving left and right to avoid the adorable vegetable-based pedestrians.  The only problem is that you’re constantly receiving sexy messages and pictures on your phone which you must reply to in order to top up your fuel.  These messages generally take the form of a ridiculous vegetable based pun, which you must choose the most suitable response to and reply to.

Managing driving and texting is a tricky task – the phone obscures most of your view when you raise it, and the vegetable pedestrians seem to have a death wish.  This makes for a hectic, silly and genuinely funny game that proves that it really is hard to multitask when you’re driving – especially when being distracted by raunchy vegetables!

Controls:  Left/Right Arrow Keys – Move left & right & Select Responses,  Up – Raise Phone,  Z – Send Response

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Android

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Sex Drive Here

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