Shadowbright – Browser Game

Shadowbright is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer in which most of the platforms are only solid when they are illuminated by a lightsource.

In each single screen level of Shadowbright your goal is simply to reach the exit. Some structures in the levels are permanently solid, but the majority of them will only manifest when they are illuminated by a light (you’ll pass straight through them if you can’t see them). This means you need to figure out which parts of the level you need to illuminate and which you need to keep in the dark as you make your way through them.

The explanation above may sound complicated, but it’s very easy to get to grips with when you see it in action. It’s a great concept, with stylish minimalist visuals and some very creative (and challenging) level design. An inventive little puzzle platformer well worth shining a light on.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, S/Down Arrow – Pick-Up/Drop Object

Available On: All Browsers

Play Shadowbright Here

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