Shall We Golf! – Browser Game

Shall We Golf! is a surprisingly tricky little blend of Snake and golfing, where you control a conga line of golfers who attempt to knock a golf ball into a hole.

In Shall We Golf! you take control of a conga line of golfers that you can manoeuvre around each little single-screen level. Your aim is to knock the ball into the hole as in golf, but the placement of your conga line plays an important part in this.

Firstly, you can hit the ball, but you can’t alter the power you hit it with, so if you need the ball to stop shorter then you need to maneuver the conga line so that your golfers form a barricade (causing the ball to stop when it hits them). Also, you can pass the golf club to anyone in the team (not just the leader), allowing you to hit the ball in different directions without moving the line.

It takes a little while to wrap your head around the mechanics to the game, but it’s a fantastic little puzzler when you do. It’s a very unique concept and it allows for some very deviously designed levels that really require you to think spatially and plan ahead.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X- Action, Z – Undo

Available On: Browser

Play Shall We Golf! Here

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