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Shark Simulator is essentially the Grand Theft Auto of silly physics based simulators, with you causing havoc in a large city, eating people, completing missions, earning cash and buying all manner of OTT weaponry and cosmetic items to customize your shark.

When you first load up Shark Simulator it seems like a simple and shallow physics based simulator. Your shark isn’t particularly agile in the sea or on land, with it flailing around like a… well a fish out of water. However once you get to grips with the controls (pick a direction and mash the jump button) then you can start to explore and discover the many secrets the city is hiding, and that’s when Shark Simulator come into its own.

The large low poly city of Shark Simulator is packed full of different shops (hat shops, barbers, surf shops, spray paint shops, costume shops and weapon shops) for you to visit and purchase cosmetic items (including Iron Man and Spider-Man suits), or ridiculusly OTT weapons that you can attach to your tail (including lightsabers, giant flails and grenade launchers). To earn cash you can complete main missions which can include doing things like biting a certain amount of people, discovering secret gadgets (such as a slow-mo time machine), or getting a certain wanted level rating. There are also lots of side missions to discover too, from 10 pin bowling to water-ski races, all of which will earn you more cash to spend on goodies. Cops will chase and shoot at you as your wanted level increases, but you’re not penalised for dying – you’re just dropped back in the water again.

Physics based simulators are usually great fun to mess around with but as shallow as a paddling pool. Shark Simulator is a fantastic game that bucks the trend, not only allowing for lots of silly physics based carnage, but backing it up with a GTA-esque city full of content to discover and have fun with. Highly recommended fish out of water fun.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Shark Simulator Here

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