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sharkz io is an addictive massively multiplayer browser based combat game in which players attempt to eat their way up the food chain.

In you start off as a little shark and must eat fish, giant squid and other sharks to become the biggest fish in the ocean. The more you eat the more you’ll level up and the more upgrades you can unlock – such as helper fish or increased biting power. Level up enough and you’ll even be able to transform into different types of shark and grow to a massive size – so much so that everyone else will be terrified of getting close to you.

Perhaps the best thing that does though is to make everyones energy bars clearly visible – this means that when a shark starts to get very low in health a mob mentality comes into play and everyone starts to chase that shark until it’s killed and they collect the points. Much like in real life – once they smell blood, you’re shark food!

Controls Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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