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SHE is a very stylish and very challenging Super Hexagon-esque twitch arcade game that requires you to multitask are you attempt to simultaneously guide an increasing amount of balls out of an ever growing hexagonal maze.

You go through three different stages of thought when playing SHE – at first you’ll find the whole thing confusing and die instantly, then you’ll get to grips with it and think ‘oh this is actually quite easy!’, and then desperation sets in as another ball appears, then another, and another….

The sh*t really hits the fan when these extra balls arrive as you have to guide all of them simultaneously, and a single one of them gets trapped in the centre then it’s game over. This results in a multi-ball juggling act as you attempt to guide all the balls at the same time. The trick is to focus on the ball that’s the closest to the centre, but it’s still hard to last longer than a minute!

As well as having super addictive, fast paced gameplay, SHE also impresses with its super cool audio and visual design. Super cool, super tough super multiball hexagon.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move Balls

Available On: Windows Only

Download SHE Here

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