Sheep Dreams Are Made Of This – Full Game Download

Sheep Dreams Are Made Of This

Sheep Dreams Are Made Of This is a quirky platforming game that transports you into the reoccurring nightmare of a man as he is forced to endlessly run through a maze of multicolored doors.

While the goal in Sheep Dreams is never outright stated, you eventually realize that there are four color-coded levels for you to traverse and each level contains 100 corresponding colored cubes for you to collect. You can move within and between levels by entering colored doors which transport you to different locations on the map (often disorienting you in the process).

Sheep Dreams differs from the classic collect-a-thon platforming formula in that falling off a platform doesn’t lead to your immediate death. Instead, you simple fall into another level. While the intention was surely to bring a more dream-like quality into the game, it is impossible to know whether you are progressing until you first reach the level select stage and notice the cube counters adjacent to each door. As you collect the blocks you’ll unlock the memories and uncover what has been causing the nightmares, as your character reminisces the tragedy of his life.

Sheep Dreams is a unique experience that really shines in its hand drawn, cutout-style animation which helps to build upon the unsettling atmosphere of the game. And if sheep dreams really are made of this, who am I to disagree?

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Windows Phone (Android & iOS to follow)

Download Sheep Dreams Are Made Of This Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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