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SHIFT is a Sci-Fi puzzle adventure about a robot who wakes up in an abandoned colonization ship that’s drifting through space.

In SHIFT You are a robot that awakens on the bridge of a colonization ship. There’s nobody around, but it appears that there’s an error that you’ll have to fix, and to do so you’ll need to make your way across the ship.

As you traverse the ship you’ll learn new abilities. These can be as simple as learning to run, but you can also learn to materialize solid structures out of thin air. These can be used in lots of ways, such as creating platforms, pressing switches and blocking lasers.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, it’s an impressive game with exceptional visual design and clever Portal-esque physics-based puzzles. Some of the platform building can be a bit fiddly (it would be nice if you could manually select the objects rather than them auto-switching), but other than that it’s a superb space adventure. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard and Mouse or Controller

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download SHIFT Here

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