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Shinobi no Dokutsu is a super tough retro hardcore precision platformer where you use your shinobi skills to jump, slash and roll through 30 rage-inducingly tough levels.

In Shinobi no Dokutsu you take on the role of a shinobi who has to complete one last piece of training to prove himself worthy of his clan. This entails making your way through a cave system that contains 30 levels that are packed with hazards, traps and enemies to avoid. If you’re feeling particularly daring you can try to extinguish all the torches that burn in the caves or you can try for a fast speedrun time – but in reality, just making it through the caves in one piece is a monumental achievement in itself.

It’s a fun game with a great NES-esque 8-bit visual style and some seriously challenging precision platforming. Getting to grips with the slightly awkward wall-jumping mechanics takes a little time, but your shinobi is pretty agile and when you do finally manage to beat a level then you feel like a legend (then immediately get you ass handed to you on the next level). Good luck beating the 30 chambers of Shinobi no Doukutsu – you’ll need it!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X Jump, C – Attack (Control Pad Recommended)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Shinobi no Dokutsu Here

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