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Shooty Skies is an addictive voxel-based shoot ‘em up from the creators of Crossy Road, that’s packed full of easily accessible, loot-filled arcade action.

Shooty Skies plays a lot like what you’d expect a shoot ‘em up from the creators of Crossy Road to play. That’s really not a bad thing though, the addictive loop of arcade gameplay and unlocks is great fun and the cartoony voxel based visual style works well in its new shoot ‘em up setting.

The vast array of Crossy Road-style unlocks is all good fun, but Shooty Skies backs this up by offering a very competent vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up experience. It features challenging skill based gameplay, a vast array of weird and wonderful enemies, cool power-ups and big bosses to blast.

Much like Crossy Road, Shooty Skies has successfully taken an age old arcade formula and breathed a welcome breath of voxel based life into it. It’s available on iOS and Android devices, but feels a little better on desktop PCs due to the larger screen size and more precise controls. So what are you waiting for? Time to take to the skies for some shooty good fun!

Controls: Mouse, Controller or Keyboard (Mouse is Best)

Available On: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download Shooty Skies Here

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