Short Giraffe – Download Game

Short Giraffe is a quirky physics-based 2d platformer where you control a secret agant giraffe with an extendable robotic neck as he attempts to hunt down a gang of mischievous meerkats!

In Short Giraffe you take on the role of Agent G, a giraffe with a robotic neck that you can extend in any direction. You can use this neck to hook onto various structures and use them to allow you to climb and swing your way through each level, with an aim of hunting down a band of meerkats that are up to no good.

It is a little rough around the edges, but it’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor and plenty of physics-based silliness as you try to navigate the levels. Your extendable neck is a lot of fun to play about with and it allows for a very freeform approach to the obstacles you encounter. Go go gadget giraffe neck!

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows

Download Short Giraffe Here

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