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Shrinking Pains is a powerful and emotional visual novel adventure that explores the difficulties of living with anorexia.

In Shrinking Pains you take on the role of a young person who is suffering from anorexia. You have a relationship and loved ones who care about you and try to help, but your deep set anorexia prevents you from accepting their help and often drives a wedge between you and them. Even if you (the player) try to help the protagonist, then your mindset won’t allow it – anorexia has a firm hold and won’t let go.

It’s not just your body that the disease destroys, it also destroys your relationships as you shun social engagements and tell transparent lies to loved ones as you try to cover up the obvious fact that you’re not eating. Your lies don’t fool anyone and you know that, but you persist with them anyway because you just can’t face the alternative.

There are a few grammar issues at the start of Shrinking Pains (mix-ups with the words “he” and “she”), but other than that the semi-autobiographical writing is excellent – really allowing you to enter the mindset of an anorexia sufferer and empathise with their plight. It’s a powerful experience that gives real insight into anorexia and the damage it can do to lives and relationships.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Shrinking Pains Here (Link at Bottom of Page)

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