Shroud House – Downloadable Game

Shroud House is a very weird little 1-Bit styled horror adventure that follows four friends as they explore a cursed house on Halloween.

Created by Ravancloak for the Halloween Slime Salad contest, Shroud House is a short, strange and spooky 1-Bit styled horror adventure set in a cursed house. In the game you meet up with some friends at the house for some spooky Halloween fun, but soon one of your friends ends up chained to a bed and you need to go in search of a way to break them free.

As you explore the house you’ll discover some very strange rooms and four different monsters that you need to defeat to find the key to unlock your friend’s chains. It features a very simple turn-based combat system where it’s pretty much impossible to lose by just attacking, but you can also talk to the monsters and try to befriend them. They each have different personalities, so the same responses won’t work for each one.

It has some rough edges and there are some odd design choices (such as the FAITH-esque retro robotic voices that get abandoned quite quickly into the game), but it’s a fun little horror adventure with some excellent pixel art visuals, unexpected twists and an interesting story. Well worth checking out for a bit of strangely spooky fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – interact

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Shroud House Here

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