Shu’s Garden – Downloadable Game

Shus Garden

Shu’s Garden is a beautiful and bizarre planet hopping playground in which you spread plant life and frolic in a variety of ways – from launching a giraffe into space to playing tag with a bumble bee.

You play a Shu – a strange bouncy space-cactus that spreads life wherever it goes, transforming barren planets into beautiful ecosystems teaming with life.  There are no hard goals in Shu’s Garden, just the joy of exploration and play.  ‘Play’ is a key point here – sure you play games all the time, but Shu’s Garden  feels more like your playing in a game – it’s a beautiful, colourful sandbox in which you can explore, experiment and interact in a multitude of joyful and surprising ways.

As you explore the planets you’ll come across a variety of wonderful creatures – birds, bees, sea turtles, giraffes and bouncy space-cacti like yourself that you can befriend and frolic with.  Every now and again a huge meteor will crash into the land, causing some bizarre effects – such as enlarging you to a gigantic size.

With it’s vibrant visuals, adorable audio design and beautiful world full of interaction and experimentation, Shu’s Garden is a wonderful place to play around in.  A Zen-like space garden full of joy and fun.

Controls: Left/Right Arrow Keys – Movement,  Down Arrow Key – Charge Jump/Sink,  Spacebar – Suck Up Plant-life,  Up Arrow Key – Plant Seeds (Control Pad Recommended)

Available On:  Win, Mac, iOS, Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Tip:  Pressing the F1 to F12 Keys have secret effects.

Download Shu’s Garden Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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