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SI.RT.ET is a tricky little puzzle game that reverses the gameplay of Tetris, with you trying to remove stacks of blocks from the screen piece by piece.

Created for the Beackeys Jam 2020, in SI.RT.ET you start the game with a full screen of Tetris blocks stacked atop each other and must figure out a way to remove them all one by one. Gameplay is mouse-based and you click and drag on the blocks to create the Tetromino shapes that are displayed on the left of the screen. When you do so they will start to move up to the top of the screen and disappear. You can rotate the pieces on the left side of the screen and the color of the blocks doesn’t matter (you can mix and match), but they have to be unobstructed from above.

It’s a clever little twist on the classic Tetris formula that makes for a very different type of game. Initially it seems fairly easy, but you need to plan ahead if you don’t want to get stuck with no possible moves. A reverse Tetris puzzler that stacks up nicely.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Windows

Download SI.RT.ET Here

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