Siege of Osaka – Downloadable Game

Siege of Osaka is a lighthearted retro fusion of beat ’em up and block-breaking gameplay where an American samurai saves America.

Created by hwilson, creator of King of Machines and Bowling Cross, Siege of Osaka is a Japanese styled retro arcade game that’s been humorously “localized” for American audiences. This localization means that the hero is now called “John Samurai” and you must battle hordes of ninja to save America.

The gameplay in Siege of Osaka is simple, arcadey and fun. Your character can walk around the left side of the screen where he can whack enemy ninjas and send them rolling towards the buildings on the right side of the screen. Much like in Break-Out, your aim is to clear all the blocks/buildings from the screen, but in this case the balls are ninjas that are trying to attack you.

It’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor, excellent pixel art visuals and addictive retro arcade gameplay. The fusion of block-breaking and beat ’em up gameplay works really well and the dodgy American translation is a great touch.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Siege of Osaka Here

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