Signed By ‘89 – Browser Game

Signed By ‘89 is a charming little PICO-8 powered band simulator in which your aim is to get a record deal before your Bass player gets shipped off to military school.

In Signed By ‘89 you take on the role of Petra, the guitar writer, songwriter and main driving force behind your four person band. However, your bass player’s dad is threatening to send him off to military school if he doesn’t shape up. Sure he is just a bass player, but he’s your friend, time to see if you can get the band together and have a crack at securing a record deal – that’ll surely impress his dad!

Signed By ‘89 isn’t the most in depth management sim, but it does have more to it than initially meets the eye. You’ll need to get inspiration, write songs, practice with your band, buy equipment, post flyers and perform gigs to have a chance of securing that elusive record deal. It could perhaps do with having a time limit of some sort as there’s not really any way to fail, but it’s a fun little game with charming pixel art visuals, easily accessible gameplay and a nice premise. Will you get signed By ‘89?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action, X – Stats

Available On: All Browsers

Play Signed By ‘89 Here

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