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silverlead sheriff game

Silverlead Sherif is a challenging blend of Duck hunt-style shooting and action platforming in which you shoot the screen to kill enemies and make your character jump as he traverse deadly terrain packed full of bandits and werewolves.

There’s been a big outbreak of bandits and werewolves in your town and Sheriff Dumb Jr. has set out to bring them down. He has however forgotten to take his gun, so it’s up to you, the Silverlead Sheriff, to act as his guardian angel, guiding him through deadly levels and blasting any enemies and bullets before they harm him.

Silverlead Sherif is played entirely with the mouse, with you able to fire standard bullets with the left mouse button and silver bullets with the right mouse button. The normal bullets can be used to shoot bandits and the bullets they fire at Sheriff Dumb Jr. while the right mouse button can be used to kill werewolves and to make the auto-walking Sheriff Dumb Jr. jump.

It’s a fun and surprisingly challenging game that requires a lightning fast trigger finger at times to keep the hapless sheriff from harm. A precision shooting platformer that really hits the mark

Controls: Mouse Aim, LMB – Fire Normal Bullet, RMB – Fire Silver Bullet

Available On: Windows

Download Silverlead Sherif Here

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