Sir Long Legs – Downloadable Game

Sir Long Legs is a whimsical QWOP-like 3D adventure where a stumpy little hero stumbles across some legendary long boots and sets off to claim his rightful throne.

Created by students at ISART Digital, Sir Long Legs is a charming QWOP-like adventure that takes place in a vibrant fantasy land filled with stumpy little citizens. You take on the role of the chosen one who falls into a cave after a few drinks and finds some legendary boots that give him some towering long legs. You now need to make your way to the castle and claim the throne, helping your fellow citizens along the way.

In Sir Long Legs you control each leg individually using the left and right analog sticks. This makes the simple act of walking a little tricky, especially when you factor in obstacles, platforms to cross and sticky jam that your feet can get stuck in. With a little practice you’ll get there though, and will even be able to help out some citizens in little side quests into the bargain.

The leg movement mechanics do get a bit irksome after a little while, but other than that Sir Long Legs is a delightful little game. The opening cinematic is a real pleasure and the game world is so vibrant and charming that it’s a real pleasure to explore atop your ridiculously long boots. A quirky long legged adventure well worth stepping out with.

Controls: Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Sir Long Legs Here

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